This is one of those amazing branding projects where the voice of the brand was so clear from the start, they just needed a logo to embody everything they had to say. Rogue is a production company focusing on film. They are lady executive producers with a roster of directors and cinematographers that offer the highest level of creative collaboration and ambition.


brand identity

The final logo represents their edge and willingness to break the rules.
We wanted an icon to accompany the type and for it to represent the ride-or-die collaborations that make them who they are.
So it started out as a backslash: [director name, agency, brand] \ Rogue. When fractured, it took on a whole new meaning, an energy—not an earthquake, but an aftershock, those zaps you feel when you go down a playground slide—a subliminal message.
This was one of a handful of ideas we presented. And in the end, we think Rogue picked the best logo to represent their brand. But to know it’s THE one, you generally have to see a few different options.
This was another fave…
Wild, savage, untamed, self reliant, separate from the herd…going rogue. Remember those Time Life documentaries from when we were twelve?
An aerial view of a herd of horses running along shoulder to shoulder en masse, instinctively ordered and at perfect pace, then suddenly, one splits off and heads its own way.
This is that. The fork in the road, the divergence, the middle finger, all contained in a sleek and confident, little lowercase “r”.
CoG strives to provide this level of diversity in concept for every branding project we do. For us, it’s worth the extra time (and the graveyard of almosts, hmmmms, and runner-ups) to get to the perfect idea.