I grew up in a Gingerbread House next to a castle. It’s a long story—you can pop over to to learn more—basically my dad, Daven Gray, built our mountain home in the 70s and in so doing, learned the beautiful art of stone masonry. This became his career for the rest of his life. A few years ago, I approached my dad about putting a book together to chronicle his life and collection of work. He agreed, mostly as a way to memorialize stone masonry as fewer and fewer contractors learn this way of building.

So we got to work. Daven wrote the story, Kyle took all the photos, and I took on the editing, design, print production, and publishing. It’s the largest project I’ve ever been involved in, overseeing every facet of the book. But the inspiration for the project remains truly at the hands of my Dad. He left an incredible legacy and now his unique story will be told over and over again.


concept, art direction, photography, print design, editing, copywriting, publishing