Compact Splash began like many design projects, with a problem. Kyle wanted a high-end computer that was capable of handling any work or games he could throw at it, without it taking up half the room like most hulking plastic artifacts from the back aisles of Frys. Kyle wanted a computer that would not only fit comfortably beneath his desk, but ON it. He wanted what he could not have. It did not exist. And so, Compact Splash was born.

CoG designed the case from scratch, oversaw fabrication, and shipped a limited quantity of 105 finished cases to users in countries all over the world. The build log on has over 200k views and the owners of the cases maintain a community forum, the Compact Splash Brotherhood, to keep track of them as they get outfitted, used and traded around the world. The journey to create Splash was awesome, frustrating, and fulfilling at the same time. We learned more than we ever wanted to about computers, fabrication and international shipping. It remains one of the highlights of our adventures at CoG.


concept, product design, production, fulfillment, brand identity

Each case was numbered sequentially and had a customizable name bracket. Users could choose from black, gray, or white for the frame and four colors for the acrylic side panel, as well as decide the power button color. They could choose if they wanted front USB ports or not. Cases came with matte black assembly screws and color-matched brackets. Let’s just say we got really good at color coding our spreadsheets.
In the end, what we provided was the computer chassis—the shell. What our users put inside is what made them each unique.