Art Direction for the Spring 2013 photoshoot with photographer - Nicholas Maggio.
With the photoshoot complete, the imagery was used online, in print...
...And for the storefront imagery designs.
The campaign imagery carried into the store.
Brand signage and social for the brand Nollie.
CoG developed the Nollie imagery vibe, curated the photoshoot, and extended the graphics into a price-point sign kit.
Imagery from the Kendall & Kylie X PacSun launch.
Kendall and Kylie were used to being photographed ... poolside ... with Bentleys ... and unicorns...
So, when the PacSun creative director discovered that the Jenners love horseback riding, we scouted a ranch in Malibu for the shoot.
Photographer - Harper Smith.
The campaign imagery on Kendall and Kylie's Instagrams were seen by thousands.
Art direction for the Holiday 2012 campaign imagery.
Storefront design.
Campaign extension into print.
Art direction for the Fall 2012 campaign imagery.
Print ads in Foam + Nylon Guys.

In 2013, we scouted for, planned, and art directed PacSun's Spring 2013 campaign photoshoot, which was shot at various landmarks around Los Angeles including Dodger Stadium, Case Study House #22, and the streets of Silverlake.

Additionally, we helped develop the graphic language and signage for Nollie, an exclusive-to-PacSun essential tee collection and art directed the photography for the Kendall & Kylie X PacSun launch.