We established a consistent look for the O'Neill womens sales catalogs across seasons. This allowed the brand image to resonate with buyers. By streamlining the design process, we gained much needed time to focus on reaching our target market with advertising.
We used the women's product to create kaleidoscopic textures which we overlayed onto all campaign imagery.
Marketing materials were produced from concept to completion, using killer photography as our pièce de résistance.
Merchandise was shot on-model in front of 2 huge mirrors we built in the studio to replicate our kaleidoscopes. An added benefit - buyers got a nearly 360 degree view of each outfit.
The photographic treatment was consistent throughout the seasons, but we spiced things up for our most important shoot, swimwear. We scouted an abandoned pool at the Salton Sea, painted it white and started shooting at sunset.
Photo - Harper Smith
Our graphic treatment remained consistent, even as we changed the face of our campaign to a buxom brunette.
Photo - Embry Rucker

The visual language that we developed graced all brand communication, including identity, advertisements, catalogs, promotional apparel, online, point-of-sale materials, and more.