It all started when the JGMTF girls told us what they wanted their tagline to be. Thank goodness they decided to add the emphatic "just" to their name...
A fully functional ecomm site that is approachable for kindergarten teachers and principals alike.
Digital product design that makes the CCSS Anchor Standards a bit more digestible and teachable.
Anchor standards organized by grade progression.
We designed iconic posters for the classroom to familiarize students with verbiage they will soon see in standardized testing.

JGMTF is a startup that publishes engaging lesson plans for K-12 classrooms. With incredible concept in hand, JGMTF turned to CoG for marketing and design help. After just a couple months of development, the team is now up and running with a fresh brand identity, standardized (and easy to use) lesson plan templates and a fully functional ecomm site to sell their wares. We can't wait to see this gold fish grow!