Design and production of the ICLAD catalog, premiering their new line of premium work gloves.
We designed and oversaw development of Ironclad's first ecommerce site to sell products directly to customers.
And designed new hangtags that brought customers into the R+D process.
We created their booth for the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas...
...Which included live demonstrations from a few Great Outdoor Gamesmen...
...And lifted what seemed like hundreds of cinder blocks.
A few of the brand tees we illustrated celebrating some honored ICLAD customers.

Until Ironclad, tradesmen had to make due with one-size – and style – fits-all. Today Ironclad manufactures, markets and sells over 18 high-performance glove styles for a range of industries.

Craft o Graph helped Ironclad realize their success by working part & parcel with their marketing team during a pivotal stage of growth.