Compact Splash is the result of copious scrawls, sketches, scratchings and thousands of metric-to-imperial conversions.
Hardware sourced to verify measurements and serve as reference for 3D designs.
3D renders.
3D renders.
3D files vetted, converted to CAD and finally turned into autographed technical drawings...
...Which allow the parts to be cut, punched, bent and tapped. Welding is what happens when you lack an engineering degree (where you learn to make everything twice as thick as necessary)... an expensive lesson.
'Splash next to its predecessor. Same internal hardware, 1/5th the size (death to the giant black box).
Full production. Assembled by hand, one piece (and 110 fasteners) at a time.
Splash created a life of its own with a fan-created Facebook page and over 200k (and counting!) community forum views.

Compact Splash is CoG's most insane pursuit to date. Everything from product design to direct sales has been done by us: not only to show that its possible to design / build / market / sell your own creation, but also to have a helluva lot of fun in the process.

An experimental, entrepreneurial design study turned social-media starlet, 'Splash is an inventor's dream come true, a real-life example of the power of great design.